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Static Routing

  •     More specific routes
  •     ECMP
  •     How to force gateway over specific interface
  •     Gateway reachability check and route distance
  •     Routing mark and route policy
  •     Recursive next-hop and scope/target-scope usage

Point to Point Addressing

  •     Point to Point address configuration


  •     Different types of VPN
  •     Site to site connectivity with tunnels
  •      IPIP, EoIP, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, PPPoE
  •     VLAN and it's usage
  •     QinQ implementation
  •     VLAN and managed switch
  •     VLAN and switch chip configuration on RouterBOARDs


  •     Database distribution and LSA types explained
  •     OSPF network structure
  •     Areas
  •     Router types
  •     OSPF neighbors and neighbor states (DR and BDR election)
  •     External Route Distribution methods (type1, type2)
  •     Interface cost and interface types (broadcast, NBMA, etc.)
  •     SPT calculation algorithm
  •     OSPF and multicast (problems with NBMA)
  •     Stub, NSSA and area ranges (route aggregation)
  •     Virtual links, usage and limitations
  •     OSPF routing lters and limitations


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