LHG XL 52 ac

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برند Mikrotik
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Extremely powerful dual-band backbone / CPE for long-distance connection without downtime

LHG XL 52 ac

Need a reliable and strong long-distance connection that never goes down? The new LHG XL 52 ac will provide just that with its dual-band capability. You can easily setup the 5 GHz channel as the main one with speed up to 600 Mbps and use the 2.4 GHz channel as an automatic backup connection with speed up to 260 Mbps

The powerful 27 dBi 5 GHz / 18 dBi 2.4 GHz antenna will provide connection with link distance up to 40 km. The grid design ensures protection against wind, it can withstand temperatures from -40 C° to +70 C°. Antenna element is built into the wireless unit – no loss on cables. This device can handle the heaviest loads thanks to the impressive quad-core CPU and 256 MB of RAM. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port, an SFP port, and it is 802.3af/at compliant – you can power it with the smart switches

LHG XL 52 ac

کد محصول : RBLHGG-5HPacD2HPnD-XL
معماری : ARM 32bit
پردازنده : IPQ-4018
تعداد هسته پردازنده : 4
فرکانس اسمی CPU : 716MHz
ابعاد به میلیمتر : 550x291mm
سطح مجوز : 3
سیستم عامل : RouterOS
حجم رم : 256MB
حجم ذخیره سازی : 16MB
نوع ذخیره سازی : FLASH
دمای کار : (40C to+70-)
نوع PoE : 802.3af/at
تعداد ورودی PoE : 1
ولتاژ ورودی PoE : 12V - 57V
ورودی DC : 1
حداکثر مصرف انرژی : 18 وات
AC speed : AC1200
Wi-Fi generation : 5
پورت شبکه 10/100/1000 : 1
پورت SFP : 1
امکانات جانبی
مانیتور ولتاژ : دارد
PCB temperature monitor : دارد
Mode button : دارد
برند Mikrotik
کد محصول RBLHGG-5HPacD2HPnD-XL

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